Autonomous Mobile Delivery Robot With Towing

Autonomous Mobile Delivery Robot

MK-AMDR-300 is a medium sized robotic development platform. Its large payload capacity and power systems accommodate an extensive variety of payloads, customized to meet research needs. Stereo cameras, LIDAR, GPS, IMUs, manipulators and more can be added to the UGV by our integration experts.



MK-AMDR-300 is able to integrate with existing research and build upon the growing knowledge base in the thriving ROS community to get started producing research results faster. MK-AMDR-300 uses an open source serial protocol and we offer API support for ROS, and options for C++ and Python.


MK-AMDR-300 has high resolution encoders that deliver accurate data thatĀ  improves state estimation and has dead reckoning capabilities. With a fienly tuned controller, provides a smooth motion controlĀ  even at low speed with high level of accuracy.


With the assistance from our mobile robot expert, the type of payload and as well as weight and so on, are able to be configured to the robot at the factory. The MK-AMDR-300 is plug and play compatible with a wide range of robot accessories and with our system integrator the robot is able to deliver a fully intergrated turn-key robot.


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