Autonomous Centre

 UPM-MTDC Technology Centre III, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 

43400 Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan


Day 1: Introduction to ROS
  1. What is ROS?
  2. ROS installation with Virtualbox
  3. ROS Workspace and Filesystem
  4. ROS Package
  5. ROS Nodes, rescore and rosrun
  6. ROS Topics
  7. ROS Publisher & Subscriber
  8. ROS Service and Messages
  9. ROS Rosbag
  10. ROS Debugging: rviz, rqt
  11. Multiple nodes with roslaunch
Day 2: Autonomous mobile Robot with ROS
  1. Sensors: Encoder, IMU and Lidar
  2. Sensor processing Example
  3. Frame and Transfer Function wit TF2
  4. Mapping, Localization and Navigation
  5. Mapping, Localization and Navigation Simulation
  6. ROS master sharing with AMR
  7. AMR Components (lidar, Camera, Controller, LED, Switches, Bumper, Audio, Conveyor)
  8. Robot Live Mapping, Localization, Autonomous Navigation
Day 3: AMR Application
  1. Create new ROS package
  2. My MK-1 LED Application
  3. Register application trigger
  4. Robot Operation with Mover Fleet Manager (MFM)
  5. Dashboard
  6. User and Robot Management
  7. Error Management
  8. Map management
  9. Mission Management
  10. Run operation using WAIT
  11. Run operation with my MK-1 LED Application
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